pataBee’s Mission — Sustainable Living and Reducing Single-Use Plastics

Yesterday I stopped at our windy, Wyoming mailbox and discovered an envelope from pataBee in Europe.

I was both curious and confused.

Mel and Patrick, owners of the Swiss-based company, pataBee, eating sandwiches in beeswax wraps.

Inside were two stainless steel straws, a straw cleaner, and a hand-written tag that read, “Thank you.”  

And the accompanying note said the straws “. . . will come in handy on your ongoing journey to reduce plastic waste.”\

A couple of years ago owners Melinda and Patrick gave handmade gifts to their families.

And it was that act that inspired the small, Swiss enterprise to form and focus on reducing single-use plastics with a sustainable living approach to commerce.

I feel good about the company and better about the lonely business that sometimes accompanies efforts to live sustainably. 

Their products offer alternatives.

Beeswax wraps take the place of plastics.

Small cotton bags eliminate grocery store throw away ones for produce and fruit.

And portable, reusable bamboo cutlery makes plastics spoons and forks unnecessary.

Organic beeswax, jojoba oil and GOTS (global, organic, textile standard) cotton form the bulk of the ingredients.

Last year on Amazon, I made two purchases from pataBee.

And I know I’ll buy from them again.

Because of the beautifully-crafted letter and useful gift, I feel solidarity and a deep appreciation for their mission.

Resonating with sustainable products and values

My values align with pataBees.

And that feels like a win for all of us. 

To pataBee I am a valued customer. 

And at the same time, I feel good about the company and better about the lonely business that sometimes accompanies efforts to live sustainably. 

Besides all that, I now have sunny faces to link to a business that’s helping me live consciously.

I return thanks to you, Melanie and Patrick.

And I share in this post a 20% discount for Patabee on  ECOANGEL

.   .   .

Take Action!

•  Read about the only-if-you-ask-will-you-receive plastic straw policy at Sweet Melissa’s Vegetarian Cafe in Laramie, Wyoming.

•  Watchow to use, and reuse, pataBee beeswax wraps.

•  Take a look at Blue Willow if, like me, you enjoy a good cup of tea. Ali Roth is the owner who responsibly sources the teas.

.   .   .

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