Medical Equipment Loan Ministry: Free for the Asking

Imagine . . .

Filling prescriptions for expensive medical gear to satisfy short- or long-term needs;

Or . . . donating items you no longer need;

And a church that brings the two together by lending free medical equipment to anyone who asks.

It’s a library minus overdue fees.

I learned of this Medical Equipment Ministry at Pluckemin Presbryterian Church in Bedminster, New Jersey in time to drop off my own, barely-used equipment before returning to Wyoming.

“. . . where equipment is loaned out at no cost,
for as long as it is needed, and returned when
you are done.”

So when I weaned off a wheelchair and the temporary ramps that got me safely from outside to in, they had someplace to go.

The walker was next.

Then the knee scooter.

My drop offs joined storage rooms of medical equipment housed in the 170-year-old church and its out buildings.

The all-terrain scooter
I had fun on
for several weeks

And borrowing is easy and shame free.

That’s because the ministry’s nuanced message gives people encouragement, support, respect, and dignity during times of great need.

In 2018, volunteers at Pluckemin returned 10,000 phone calls from donors and loanees.

But not a single monetary donation was requested, and letters of medical necessity aren’t — well, necessary.

So I’m adding two items to the imagination list.

First, that medical-equipment assistance be available to anyone anywhere.

And ministries and non-profits that collect such equipment blossom in every town and city nationwide.

. . .

To Consider

Medical Equipment Loan Closets in Wyoming

Do a google search for “free medical equipment [fill in state or region],” or “borrow medical equipment [fill in state or region]”.

Read about the help in Sheridan, WY, Carla Trier Brings Heaps of Love to Sheridan, Wyoming by Way of the Foster Parent Exchange.

Find out about other types free help when medical needs arise in, Wyoming Foundation for Cancer Care Sees Far Beyond Medical Needs.

.  .  .

Ellen Webster Synakowski lives in Laramie, Wyoming.

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