Civility Leads Climate Discussions

Citizens' Climate LobbyDiscussions at Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) are led by civility.

Wesley Frain, Wyoming’s founding member, says CCL also stands for courtesy and listening.

“Whether we’re talking to people on a national level or in our communities, we address concerns cordially.

“We strive to build relationships,” he said.

The mission of CCL is to “create the political will for climate solutions . . .”

And the remedy they propose is twofold.

•  First — a carbon fee on fossil fuels and other greenhouse gases

•  Second — carbon fees become dividends to all American households34

Therefore, CCL’s integrated solution equals a carbon fee + a dividend.

“We exist to create the political will for climate solutions . . .”

Not surprisingly, studies show that implementing this plan will reduce carbon emissions to half of 1990 levels within 20 years.35

And at the same time nearly three million jobs will be created.36

Economics Drive Climate Discussion

Frain says conversations involving CCL are surprisingly non-confrontational.

“I bypass the whole climate science debate and go right to economics.”

And that’s when things get interesting.

“We’re focused on currency and dividends and building relationships at CCL,” he said.

Weekly information calls explain CCL’s plans for the greatest change to happen in the shortest amount of time.37

Environmental Issues and Social Justice

Frain says environmental issues and social justice are deeply connected.

“Climate change disproportionately impacts poor people,” he said.

“And justice means making sure everyone has an equitable chance at a successful life.

“Those who don’t have resources can’t move away from changes caused by climate,” he said.

“For instance, people living in Bangladesh and other low-lying areas are going to be severely affected.”

Wesley Frain
Wesley Frain, Wyoming’s Citizens’ Climate Lobby founding member.

“Climate change disproportionately impacts poor people.”

Frain says local resistance to transitioning from coal is driven by fear.

Specifically there’s worry that state services such as roads and education will suffer.

“But,” he said, “we need to be thinking about these things now.

“About solutions.

“Coal is giving way to wind and solar in so much of the world.”

Wyoming CCL chapters exist in Casper, Laramie, and Cheyenne.

And with nearly 500 chapters worldwide, Citizens Climate Lobby is ready to be part of the solution.

climate lobby in DC
CCL members lobbying in Washington, DC

Click here to see a
1.5 minute CCL intro video




Take Action!

•  Find a local chapter of CCL

•  See the 2017 movie The Age of ConsequencesClimate change, including climate-based migration, are discussed from a military perspective. (Dreadful music and nonstop bad news aside. . .)

•  Join a CCL weekly Wednesday introductory call.

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Ellen Synakowski lives in Laramie, Wyoming.
Her website is

“Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.1  — C. West


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